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La Dulce Couture

Kids Polar Bear Facemask With Flitter Pockets

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Our masks and filters are not medical-grade or FDA approved.
Support your community by leaving medical-grade mask for healthcare and frontline workers during this global health crisis.
Use this mask in addition to practicing CDC recommendations on hand washing and social distancing.

*NOTE: ALL of my Toddler/Kids Face Mask, I recommend for kids/Toddlers up to age 7. Kids ages 8 & up Can fit our adult size ADJUSTABLE Face Mask.

* 100% cotton fabrics
* Chin Chin& Noise Covering
* Comfortable & breathable for extended wear
* Adjustable elastic ear straps
* Hidden form-fitting nose clip
* Inner pocket designed for filter replacement
* Smooth breathing with one-way breathing valve
* Colors & styles of elastic straps, valves, and ear loops vary based on availability.



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