Tutu Care



We use the highest quality, premium apparel tulle in our products. Here are some excellent tips you can use to keep your skirt or dress looking fresh and neat: 



It's all about prevention! Carefully finger comb through each layer while grabbing a firm grip on the waistline.  When not in use, hang her tutu or dress to keep it fluffy being careful to space it away from other garments to avoid smashing the item. 



Lightly steam! Steam from your shower is the best way to remove wrinkles. Comb, shake and fluff. Flip the garment inside out and repeat. Then fluff! You can also use a vertical steamer, yielding on the side of caution to not get too close to the fabric. Another option is to use Downy Wrinkle Releaser or you can make your own by getting a spray bottom and filling it with water and mixing in about 1 tablespoon of fabric softener. Shake well then spray. DO NOT dry tutus or dresses in the dryer! They MUST hang dry. You can remove wrinkles using steam from an iron, but use caution to NOT allow the iron to touch the tulle. You can use the steam from your iron but be extremely careful. It's very easy to melt tulle. If you find you can't get the wrinkles out, you can iron the fabric but use the lowest setting and place a piece of fabric over of the tulle and never let the iron sit on the fabric. Use quick, sweeping motions.  We always recommend spot ironing/testing inside first where it's most inconspicuous in the event you melt the fabric.  Again, use extreme caution if you opt to iron and please know that Tutu Girl is NOT responsible if you happen to melt or damage your product. 


Cleaning and Spills: 

We recommend gentle spot cleaning with cool water as needed, especially if your skirt or gown has embellishments.  Let hang dry. 


Out of Shape Tutu or Dress: 

You can spritz a little water on the tutu before you do this, and of course, let it hang dry. If it is full of static, you can use Static Guard or spray a 50/50 mix of water and fabric softener over the skirt or dress and again let it dry. 



  • Never iron embellishments.
  • You can iron ribbons but use the same method as we detailed to iron tulle.

Disclaimer: these tips are only merely ideas and Tutu Girl can't be held responsible if you damage the product.  Error on the side of caution.

Enjoy Your Tutu


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