My Personal Puerto Rican Recipes.

My Personal Puerto Rican Recipes.

Hello Everyone!

As I had mentioned in my last Blog. I want my customer's to know me on a personal level, No only as the owner of " La Dulce Couture "

So what better way to do that then...... To invite you all into my KITCHEN! I LOVE my kitchen as much as I LOVE my CRAFT ROOM! 

Cooking is my Meditation, it's so Relaxing & Therapeutic to me.

I decided to share some of my personal PUERTO RICAN  recipes with everyone. The recipe's have been, taught to me by my parents, grandparents etc.

My Father being from Ponce, Puerto Rico and my Mother From San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have be so Blessed to have been able to learn so many traditional Puerto Rican recipes. Many of then are a staple in so many Puerto Rican Homes. Some of the recipes are Especially on the Holidays! 

I will be sharing with you TWO Step By Step recipes per month. So make sure you look out for them! 

🇵🇷 Sincerely

La Dulce Couture 



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